GET YOURS REWARDS is available at any GOOD 2 GO and GREAT SCOTT'S C-store in Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. The program offers cost savings on fuel, in-store rewards, discounts, mobile access, games and promotions. This state of the art program is designed to show our customers how important they are to us. Our goal is to ensure that each time you shop with us you have a great experience and want to come back. Pick up a card and start "GETTING YOURS" TODAY!


GET YOURS REWARDS is a program designed to allow petroleum dealers and consumers to take advantage of 21st century marketing tools tailored to enhance the customer experience and increase profitability. Our goal is to offer payment solutions, mobile applications and rewards that increase customer satisfaction and drive dealer loyalty. The programs provide powerful marketing tools and information to better meet your customer's needs. Our mission is to deliver the products and services necessary for long term success and satisfaction. We would love the opportunity to provide our solutions to you as well.


Want to save on every fuel purchase every time you fill up? Roll the price back each time you gas up at participating stores

With the GET YOURS Rewards card you can save up to 6 cents per gallon if you register the card for payment

The more you use the card the more you save.

Get your card and get registered today!